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Install the Scott schema Install Oracle Education's famous Scott/Tiger schema.
Demo Application Install a demonstration application based on Oracle's Scott/Tiger schema. Includes scripts to create the schema, additional tables, PL/SQL packages, and a guide to application development.
Normalization How to design normalized database tables for the demo schema.
Application Log Create an application message logging procedure using PL/SQL.
CSV Field Extract Extract a field from a delimited CSV record. Works with different types of delimiter, embedded delimiters and quotes within text fields that are surrounded by quotes.
Order CSV Import Import order data from CSV files into the Oracle database, using PL/SQL.
Export Orders Export order data from the Oracle database to a CSV file, using a PL/SQL function.
Numeric Functions PL/SQL functions to convert numbers to different bases, to alphanumeric codes etc.
Date Functions PL/SQL functions that perform date calculations, e.g. date of Easter.